We had great weather, crowd and sales this weekend at the Elmwood Avenue Festival of Art.  This show is definitely growing, and going the right direction.

I had nightmare-ish start on Saturday though.  I was setting up the canopy at 7 in the morning, and realized I forgot to bring one pole.  This is the second time in last twenty years.  Last time was at the local show, and I was able to go home to pick up.  This show is in Buffalo, 70 miles away from home.  I had two choices, no canopy and ask my wife to bring it by the end of the show or make one.  I thought I can use a 2″x1″ wood” from one of the wall piece if I could shorten it.   Mark (Lukacs Pottery Studio) had a saw! Then I had, of course, DUCT tape.  I taped up the wood to the joints, and was able to set up the canopy, with my surprize.  What can you do without the Duct tape!  My wife and daughter wound up bringing the pole, but decided to leave it overnight.  It was perfect weather on both day, sunny and no wind to speak of.  If either it was rainy or windy, I had no idea what I did instead.  Next time, I count the number of poles when loading the van!


Next up, the Clothesline Festival, my last summer festival except one addition of the Artist Row at the public market.  I am out of lots of items now, and am afraid I can’t restock everything as my daughter leaving to the collage next Sunday.

Elmwood Avenue Festival of Art

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