When I came home from the last Tuesday’s overnight firing, my wife was in extreme back pain, and her doctor told us to go to the emergency hospital. After the testing, she had 1.8 cm (0.7”) of gallstone stuck at the entrance of the gallbladder. Next morning, she went the lapaoscopic gallbladder removal surgery. The surgery took 1.5 hours and another 2 hours at the recovery room. She wanted to go home the same day, and was discharged after finishing her dinner (grilled chicken, mushed potato and green beans) and a short walk, 7 hours after the surgery.

I was looking at the Japanese website for more information (for me, still easier to read in Japanese), and found Japanese patient stays at the hospital for 9 days after the surgery. Why is it this much difference? Very puzzling. Japan has the universal (national) health care system. Next and first check up is two week from the surgery. Comparing the gallstone attack, it seems the pain due to the surgery was minimal, that my wife said. My wife went back the work on Monday.

I loaded the kiln today, and firing tomorrow. The Park Avenue Festival is this weekend.


Gallstones and Park Avenue Festival
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