Opening the canopy this morning, and found two shelves knocked down, and some bungee cords are unhooked.  Fortunately just one mugs is broken.  The shelves just missed two large vases. The plastic shelves have concrete weight in it, so it is very stable unless someone pushed from the outside. I was saved as I pack everything loosely in the boxes. I started packing the pottery when the strong thunderstorm went through overnight, and most booths on my street was blown to other side more than ten years ago.  I was told my friend the day before to tie up the canopy to the parking meter or anything very stable due to winds through the surrounding buildings.  Anyway, at this show, so many people got drunk. Police prohibited people drinking alcohols on the street, but they cannot control someone’s backyard. I saw backyard party one after another with piles of beers when picking up the car.


My friend artist who parked his trailer on the street got vandalized overnight as well.


It is unfortunate, that I had sour taste in my mouth even there were so many customers in the street, and the business was not bad.

Park Avenue Festival

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