There were lots of people at the art festival, and I enjoyed talking with the customers who visited my booth. I start to feel the people are getting used to see my pottery. I hope I can be back.


Someone stole my dolly from my break-down pile in my booth while I went to get my van. Just the dolly, not my pottery. There was 18″ vase sitting next to it! Whoever the person was, it was “LOW”, especially I needed to move lots of pottery 400 feet away to the van. Fortunately the good people of the Three River Art Festival lent me one, so I could finish before turning into the pumpkin.

Three rivers, as Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers form Ohio river , where the festival is located. There are lots of bridges left and light and lots of interesting landscape and cityscape.p1050750




Three River Art Festival-2

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