Well, the weather dictated the Three Rivers Arts Festival last weekend. I should note to myself, “no outdoor show in the first week of June”, as the weather is not stable.. I have not seen such a strong rain. My bowl at outside the booth collected close to 1” in 30 minutes. The entire booth became a part of the stream, and kids were only ones having fun! I had five years plan for this festival, to establish the repeat customer base, and this was the fifth year. Last year, I felt some build-up and had high expectation. Due to the rain, the five years plan did not meet my goal.  This festival is physically demanding in terms of set-up / tear-down and long hours; driving and festival hours. Live music was very loud this year I hardly hear customer talks, very bad for business.

Thank you very much for those who came.

Good note, I enjoyed the Pirates ball game after the show with awesome fireworks.

Next up, Allentown Art Festival this weekend.

Washed out

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