I tested elements of the electric kiln last week. I set the kiln to “the fast glaze”, and turned on for 30 minutes with the lid open. All elements are lit, so the elements are fine.  I checked the thermocouple, and replaced one in the middle with one in the top, and placed a new thermocouple on the top.  I will bisque tomorrow to see how it works.


I had the glaze fire on Friday, and opened the kiln today.  All looked good, except one piece.  I am very happy.  When I draw the sample at the end of firing, the clay got lots of carbon (gray),  reduced too much. I had some pieces at the front of the kiln had crawling started slightly.  I will place three test pieces at the next firing, and draw them at the different stage of the firing to see when it collecting the carbon.


Electric kiln 3

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