The vase is fired. It comes out good.  I did not lose any thing, but one teacup.  That is good firing.  After remaking the saggar smaller, all pots come out reduced.  So, the pottery inside the saggar was reduced by burning the impurity contained the clay to a ratio of the space inside the saggar, I guess.











I lost two large pieces for upcoming exhibition in the basement where I store pottery. It was my carelessness. I found the water dripping from the humidifier attached to the furnace and the large bowl almost full of water, and replaced the filter night before. After replacing the filter, I bring back the emptied bowl under the humidifier if the water drips again.   The cover of the humidifier dropped and smashed two pieces overnight.  That always the story with me.  I never think through.




One thought on “Fired.

  • March 5, 2012 at 7:19 am

    Wow you vase looks amazing! shame about the other pots I guess sometimes you need to take the rough with the smooth.

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