Turned out Saturday was windy . I always check the red flag on the yard when firing. Wind blowing from south is not good sign. Cold air blows into the studio, and gust wind tends to mess up the reduction.

Just before the body reduction, my 18 years old oxyprobe meter quit working. I do not put the pyrometric cone for the bisque right now as I am trying to find out the right temperature. Ever since moving into this studio, I have been struggling to get the reduction properly due to strong draft. I relay on the oxyprobe for the temperature. Fortunately Richard Aerni in the same building was having the huge open studio sale, and I was able to barrow his meter. It is by the different manufacture, but works similarly. It is very nice to have another potter in the building.

I have two more pottery studios in the building.
I picked up Carolyn Dilcher-Stutz‘s wolf at the sale.

Oxyproble measures the temperature and the atmosphere; oxidation and reduction. It is very handy tool especially like today, windy day. Whenever I hear the gust of wind blowing in, I check the atmosphere reading, which is going all over the place, and adjust the kiln, mostly closing the damper. I really do not know how important to adjust the kin in these instance. Maybe not the gust wind situation is not long enough to affect the result. I just do not want to try not and risk losing kiln load of pottery. I had 84 pieces in this kiln.

Opened the kiln today. Result was, to my surprise, very good.

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