First firing in 2011 is done. It was ok firing. Fired the flat pieces, pitcher, and soy pourer.  I like them.  The shape gives more dimensions, and the softness to the curve.   I glued the cork to the cap, and looks good, I think.  Now moved to the teapot.


I fixed the LCD of my netbook, the first replacement LCD I bought at the EBay did not work well, but second one I picked up the website recommended in this blog worked perfectly.  I changed the wifi network adapter to Intel Wifi Link 5100 as well. Reception in the basement went up significantly. It was from 802.11b/g to 802.11n with the same g router.  I am pleasantly surprised.  On the very bad note, my ford winstar is in shop, will cost $1600 to repair the engine malfunction light.  It was running all right,  though. Well, lots of mugs.  Mug is so cheap compared to these repairs. I am in wrong business….

Flat pieces and Netbook

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