I unloaded the kiln, and am now feel comfortable to get the similar result at each firing. All except the bottom near the chimney get good reduction. What is have changed so far is;  I changed the body reduction from cone 07 to 012, and the setting of the flap more closed. I found it is all right to fire with very light reduction after 1200C degree, and closed the flaps to fire  at heavier reduction during the soaking. (I want to test the light reduction all way through the end of firing as the heavier reduction tends stall the kiln.) I also changed the setting of the oxyprobe from .60 to .63-65 range throughout the firing.


My daughter finally started feel better yesterday.  I saw her smile first time in 10 days.  In fact, she went to the Barnes and Noble for coffee with her friends tonight.  She is still living with the pain pills, though.

Kiln Unloaded

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