November sky hodaka pottery

orton cones for testing the temperature differenceKiln load hodaka pottery

Kiln is loaded.  I am testing couple new settings to reduce the oxidation area on the bottom.  I have changed the target brick setting to allow more flame going to the front/ bottom of the kiln. Do you remember the flame comparison on the last post? The first one I have been firing since moving to the studio, and the second was I used to fire before moving to the studio.  I have no idea how I have changed the setting to begin with. The theory is that first one was way too much reduced flame, and I have been choking the kiln, and therefore I am not getting the correct circulation. I know supplying the air to the flame cures another problem, orange peel look on the glaze.  I will fire the kiln all way from the body reduction to the end with the second flame, instead of giving the first flame at the body reduction stage.  Hope this will reduce the oxidation area, and not a big disaster.

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