I fired the kiln  on Friday. Another good one. The following picture proves the reason why I was seeking the good firing. They are from three firings. Last year, I was losing 6 to 10 pieces per kiln.  Do the mass. I gained almost 30 pieces.  My friend potter in Japan told me long time ago that the yield should be 95 % to be the production potter. It is very hard figure, but this has been my goal, anyway.


One problem is solved, then another pops up.  My electric kiln showed “ERRD” sign today, and could not complete the bisque firing.  I need to wait the kiln cool-off to see the element problem or something else.  I talked with L&L technician, and he told me he thinks either the element or the relay. This kiln has been problem free for almost ten years.  I replaced the thermocouples two year ago.   I have no complain, and bought the elements last year expecting to fail.

Three in row

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