hodaka potteryI opened the kiln today. Very good reduction again. I got one mugs got too much reduction.  Just before the body reduction, the wind picked up a bit, and felt some downdraft for while.  Once the gas pressure was up, I did not see much of problem.  I repeated the same firing, so the gas pressure was the answer I have been looking for. I think I will try to open up a blower flap (secondary air) next firing to see any difference to the reduction. It is very nice feeling to have no seconds again.  Pottery is not like the painting, and you really cannot (draw over) refire the piece to satisfaction. You will find out the result 24 hours after the firing. Yes, I have some vision of the finished piece when glazing, and try to apply glazes, sometime a bit thicker, double dipping, etc imaging the flow of the glaze when it started to melt in the kiln.  Firing, they’re so many variables, weather, how you load the kiln, etc. We are very superstitious. In Japan, the female was not used to allow to the kiln room as they afraid of the fire god being jealous, and messing up the firing. I don’t believe that, of course.  I sometime wish I can see the progress of the firing in real time, like painting. On the other hand, firing is the important part of craft, and what makes the pottery.

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