kiln loads 11/24/09 hodaka pottery

I opened the kiln today, and yes, it all reduced. The saga of oxidation is finally over!  I guess I have been reducing way too much, and choking the kiln. The setting now is very similar to what I have fired at my previous home studio.   It has been three years since I moved the studio, and I really do not remember how and when I changed the way I fire last couple years.   I change a setting, and guess the result and change again .  Bad spiral and going deep to a black hole, that I felt last 12 months.

Couple things to note are 1)  I begin the body reduction earlier. 2) oxyprobe reading maybe off .10 to .15 now.  Last firing, the reading at the end of the firing was .54, which is lowest I ever been, and I was very afraid of oxidation.  But the kiln temperature was climbing (it stalled at .60)  and I got both spy holes getting back pressure.

I enjoy now until another thing to headache with.


Two in the row

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