The wind stopped over the weekend, and fired the kiln on Sunday. I opened the kiln today.  Here are some new attempt.

One is the stamped directly over the green-ware, and glazed a bit differently. I like the flow of the things, but I am not sure.


This is combination of the tenmoku, the tomato red and the rutile blue.

I like it.


I really like the rutile blue and the amber combination, but I cannot find the recipe for the amber glaze I came up last year. I checked the Hyperglaze, but the software acting wired and did not save the data.  My blog entry said the chun blue.  I mixed and tested the similar glaze, but turned out the celadon.  Looking at the old batch, I remember I used the different iron oxides, the iron silicate; calcined iron and silica mixture I made.  This is not feasible for a large batch, so I need find the alternative.


I  glaze the large pieces today, and fire on Thursday.

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