The sign of the fall.


I have eaten the Korean short lib soup at the Secret Garden last couple years while in Syrucuse, NY during the syracuse art festival.  I have not seen this this dish in Rochester.  Once a while I got craving for it, and tried the other day with the normal pot. I simmered for two hours, but the meat was very tough.  Kinda impulse, I got this pressure cooker.


It took twenty minutes to cook the short ribs, the meat was very tender. Soup was very simple, nappa cabbage, soup stock, soy sauce, chill and red pepper paste.  Since then, I made the custard, chile, pasta sauce.  It cuts the cooking time to at least in third. I should have gotten it much earlier.

Glazed today, and firing on Wednesday. Clothesline festival this weekend.  This is my last show for the summer.


Pressure cooker

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