The studio is almost full of bisque and ready-to bisque wares. I hope to do at couple firings next two weeks. Outside is 17F degrees today, but the sun was getting quite strong. I enjoyed the sun! During the winter in Rochester, NY, it tends to be gloomy, and the sun is rare commodity.


I have been watching TV show, Lidia’s Italy. It opened my eyes on the Italian cooking, very simple but complicated taste and textures. I never thought the shape of pasta for the texture. She cooks up the spaghetti sauce while cooking pasta! This is tonight spaghetti, pancetta (Italian bacon) with tomato sauce. Took me less than 20 minutes and was very good. The other day, I tried the cauliflower and squash in tomato sauce. That was super good.

We use this pasta bowl a lot at home, from pasta to curry.

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