I have been reading the decal on the pottery. Keith Phillips and Cynthia Guajardo describes their process at his and her blog. That makes me very curious. I bought the HP 1020 laser printer and the laser printer decal paper off the ebay last week.  I made the decal of the Hungerford Urban Artisan logo on the glaze fired cups, and put in the bisque kiln to cone 06.

Decal 1 hodaka potteryDecal 2 hodaka pottery

Most recommended to cone 04, though I like the bisque pieces to cone 06 for better fit of the glaze. The toner of the laser printer contains 50% iron, that is fused to the glaze, and become very nice sepia color. I like how the test turned out, especially with the rutile blue and the amber glaze combination.

Decal 3 Hodaka pottery
Today, I was glazing and loading the kiln for firing tomorrow.  I wanted several cups made with logo before the studio opening this weekend, but don’t have enough time to glaze fire, attach the decal and bisque fire them.  So, I glazed the cup, waxed over it, and attached the decal on the waxed surfcae. I have no idea this would work or not.

Decal 4 Hodaka pottery
I think making a design for the decal to fit with the glaze would be the most difficult part, and have a whole winter to think about.

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