Last several months, two of the glaze bucket gave away during the mixing, and the glaze gushing from the bottom. My floor has a vinyl carpet, and I was able to collect most of the glaze back to the new bucket with sponges and shop-vac. I was a bit worried about one bucket, and I bought 32 gallon bucket (commercial use) for the glaze over the weekend. I thought I bought the same size, but not.  I have been using 20 gallon buckets.  This gave me enough clearance, additional 5 inches in width,  for the vase I wanted to glaze, instead of spraying.  I mixed the glaze enough to fill a half bucket full.  I glaze it today.  I missed some overlap part, but brushed the glaze. I think this worked.










I have been working on the exhibition in Syracuse. I posted the postcard in my schedule page. I first thought to exhibit a collection of small teapots, but I am making different pieces now. Here is teapots preview.


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2 Responses to Glazed

  1. Richard Haruki says:

    I love your work—form and glazing, just beautiful!! What is the predominant green glaze that you use? I assume the firing is reduction. Is your firing cone 10?

  2. Hodaka says:

    Thank you. Cone 10, reduction. My own glaze. No barium.

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