I never get to this low in clay.  One box left.  I am getting the delivery on Wednesday.  I have tested the batch I am getting.


Recently we went New York City by car, and stayed Meadowland, NJ and commuted to the Manhattan by bus. I heard about it, but never done before.  We drove to NJ, 6 hours, and stayed the hotel in Meadowland, and take the bus to the Port Authority in New York City.  We do not necessary to drive inside the New York City, avoid the expensive parking fee as well as the hotel fee. Hotel in New York city is expensive and its tax is very high. Cost of the bus is 3.20$ one way, and takes 20-30 minutes.  The bus depot is in front of the hotel, and bus departs every 20 to 6o minutes until 1 am.  Going back to NJ at the Port Authority was a bit tricky, as there were no clear sign where to ride.  Arriving at the Port Authority after 10pm did not help as the information booth was already closed.  We saved over $100 a day this way.  Get the information at the hotel before you leave the hotel. That is very important.  We went the Mitsuwa (Japanese grocery store), just before leaving and bought fresh fish (we brought a cooler) and other stuffs, made me smile.

Down to one box & New York

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