Here is aerial view of my studio. My tenant said 500 SQ feet, but actually about 400 SQ feet after deducting the wall spaces. When I have an open house, I hear at least one person said you uses every square inch of studio.  I have two electric wheels, an electric kiln, a gas kiln, a slab roller and a pugmill, a TV, a refrigerator and a toaster. One of the wheel is Shimpo, thirty some years old, brought from Japan when I got married. I threw sake cups for the wedding in a kitchen of my tiny apartment in Tokyo. My studio is three time bigger than that apartment. I do not store finished pieces in the studio.  I wish I have big enough space to store and retail my pottery.  I just do not have enough space.  If I leave the fired pieces in the studio for a few days, they will be covered with clay dusts and need to wash. So, After opening the kiln, I usually bring them to home to store.






I had a a dental hygienist appointment yesterday.  It has been one year since the painful periodontitis gum surgery.  She said my teeth is “Stable”.  With my mouths open , I started to wonder with my not-good English, “stable” like “stable condition after the accident”,  that is not good.  After a couple minutes of discussion with myself, and I began to worry, I asked her that “Stable is good, right?”, She replied, “yes, good, very good.”  I thought why just say so…. It has been good, no bleeding after brushing teeth.  But lots of works.  Dental floss, brush-picks, tooth brush and mouse wash for one cleaning. I would be very depressed if they find any problem with my tooth.

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