Now, I am getting ready for the Clothesline Festival, which is my last show of this summer.  August was the third coldest summer in the record, and was very wet as well.  I do not remember this much rain during the festivals.  At the elmwood festival last weekend, it poured during the set-up, and formed a small creek at the bottom of my booth, and I could not set up for awhile.  After that rain, it was mostly rain free, and we had great crowd.

Blue sky, and very cool weather today.  This morning hit fifties.  The fall is around the corner.

Casseroles, butter dish, rice bowls, bowls are on the shelves to finish. P1060055

I have been glued to the Japanese newspaper website last couple days.  It was amazing to see  the Liberal Democratic Party  thrown out of the power, and I am very interested how the Democratic Party will work with the government bureaucrat, who has been stirring the country.  If the Democratic Party will usuceed to govern more than one year, we might see some changes in Japan.  Very interesting.

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