Well, three weekends of the shows, that was fun, well, I am exhausted.

I am encouraged that the new tenmoku glaze line of works is selling well. I have decided to discontinue my blue glaze line this year, that I have been selling more than 10 years, and its sale was declining. It is scary to replace the long-run product with the new.

Craft show is a lot of works. You are bringing your store to the street. From early morning to late night, heavy lifting and standing up all days. I like it, out of the studio to get the real feedback of the customers, which improves my pottery, but I can’t imagine doing 25 or so like fellow craft people does.

Now, I am back in the studio and restock the inventory next four weeks. I just realized I am very low in clay, 7 boxes left. Yes, I use the prepared clay from Laguna, #510. I once mixed the clay, but it is too much of the work for one-person operation. I need to reclaim the clay as much as possible while I test the sample of the clay I am purchasing.


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