Butter dish.  I have been making the butter dish for three years now.  I made the french butter dish for one year, but I was not satisfied customer when I used it myself. so discontinued.  Then I decided to make the covered butter dish.  I threw a wall part of the cover, and square it while wet, and assemble with the top made with the slab.

I made a couple modifications based on the customer feedback.

The original butter dish had a rather flat tray.  This caused the cover to slip over from the tray.  So I made a ridge/ rim to a tray. The size of the cover was not consistent and sometime it is narrow enough, that the gap between the edge of the tray (width) and the cover has too much wiggle room.  Now, I have a template for the bottom of the butter dish cover, so the width of the cover is consistent, and the movement of the cover on the tray will not interfere with the interior wall and the butter. At least, that is the plan. Now, I am looking at the picture, I may need to modify the length as well.  How do you think?

Butter dish

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  • May 8, 2017 at 9:51 am

    How do you finish them? I am looking for a simple white washed look with some type of simple pattern. I saw one once that had grape leaf vine handle and some leaf imprint around the base. It was really nice.

    Thanks so much,

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