I got 2150lb of clay delivered today, and howled them up to 4th floor.  Quite an exercise.  I am all set for the clay for the rest of year.  Studio is cramped with the clays .  Hard to find the floor space.  I need more space!

2150lb clay

Kiln is loaded for the fourth time in this month. It is expected 80+°F next week, so I decided to push in this one tomorrow.

I mailed my show schedule postcards and emails yesterday (my show schedule is here), and sanding and pricing, painting the booth back drops and cleaning shelves next week.  I found and ordered the similar plastic shelves, have not received them yet, hopefully this will be the good replacement.  I was thinking to build nice wood shelves, but the weight to the van makes me think otherwise. 12-14 plastic storage bins worth of  pottery and 24 wood shelves might be too much for my minivan.

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