Garlic Jar Hodaka Pottery

Between shows is the time to restock what sold and received orders. I have been throwing the pots and putting lots of hole recently. Garlic jars,  planters and berry bowls. Garlic jar is like a sugar pot with lots of the holes on the side, so the garlic can breathe, and its top protects from the light, not grow. I use it at home. I don’t make them often, but probably one of the most asked item next to the French butter dish. It does not mean it sells well, though.

The French butter dish, on the other hands, it sells. I made one year. I tried it at home, and I got butter dropping into the water, and several days later the butter became moldy. After researching the web, I found you can’t leave it if the temperature is above85°F or so, and you add salt in the water to avoid from mold. I thought if I am not satisfied I should not sell. I discontinued after selling a dozen or so in one summer.

Garlic pot

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