We are having the heatwave this week, hit 98°F on Thursday, and harboring around 92°F last couple days.  Glaze firing and bisque firing kept the studio even hotter.  The bisque cooling around 600°F when I entered the studio yesterday.  I decided to opened the rid earlier to cool off the studio for today. These radiant heat will not go away for a couple days unless opening  the rid.  I opened the rid slightly at 500°F, and opened fully at 400°F. Then the studio became really hot, yea, 100°F.  I threw one sectional pot, and assembled it.  The heat sped up the drying process, but that all I could handle yesterday.


I glazed and loaded the kiln in one day in 96°F studio. I guess yesterday’s  plan did not work.  It was insanely hot, but the forecast for tomorrow is a lot cooler, 80°F, perfect for the glaze firing.  I drunk 2 litters of tea during the glazing.  I think the body adjusted to the heat as a time goes by, except one point I though I would faint.  I went the bathroom and washed the face and upper body with cold water, that gave me enough time to finish the glazing.  Then, went the Sushi with my wife.  I will be ready for  Syracuse Arts and Crafts festival and the Park Avenue Summer Art Fest.

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