My studio is on the top floor (4th floor) of old brick building facing south.  Every summer, the studio got hot after 3PM, baked through the window and the roof.  This year, the summer has been just HOT. I finally got an air conditioner, 80,000BTU.  I wanted 100,000 BTU, but was too heavy to move in out of the window by myself.  I figure I need to remove it during the firing to get outside cooler air.   It has been working better than expected, I got 10 degrees cooler than outside. A day after any firing, bisque or glaze firing though, just a drop in a bucket.

The downtown Syracuse festival is this coming Friday through Sunday.  I have one firing done, and another on Tuesday. I usually do not like unloading the kiln day before the show.  I unload the kiln, pack them, bring home, unpack and rearrange with other inventories, then load the van.  Too much.  Anyway, Monday is expected nineties and gusting up 30mph.

I got the smart phone to use with the square credit card reader.  I like it.  It is easy to use, and the credit card payment on a spot is huge plus.  I can’t believe how far we came.  We used to use a knuckle buster, and bring the receipts to the bank on Monday. Only problem I have is my phone drain battery so quickly, and need some back-up battery.  I could use the netbook to juice it up, but not compact…..

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