Kiln is loaded, and ready to go.


This week,I have is an intern in my studio. She is a high school senior, and took a ceramic class. It was very strange having another person in the studio. I never had an intern before. I had no idea what to do or ask. I asked around the fellow potters, and got some idea. I decided to let her play with the clay. First, asked her to make a slab build cups. She made a decent one, but took while to make. Then, asked her to make multiple cups, and made seven. Asked her to continue. She made eight for about half of the time. While, she waxed the pots, sanded the finished pots and made several chop stick holders as well. I am pleased how quickly pick up way to make the slab pieces. I learned how quickly the time consuming task like waxing finishes with additional hands….


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