P1060153McDonald’s iced tea, half sweeten and half un-sweeten. This is wired, but it cures my neck ache.  I found out way back from the show, felt dehydrated with very bad neck pain, like someone is pulling, and drank all in 5 to 10 minutes.  The pain went away soon after.  I tried the same thing with the Gatorade, but did not help.  I had success with this ice tea several times already, and I had the neck pain last couple days, so I stopped by this moring.  It worked like charm.


I have been trying to figure out the facebook fan page thing.  I found it at the Etsy forum, with help of JDWolfe (etsy mud team member), and set up the page.  I have no idea what to do with it.  If you have time, come and fan me.

It is getting quite chili out here. Studio gets the furnace running today.


Glazing last two days.  Dug out the buckets of glaze looking for the tomato red. I did not label them or fall out during the move. I have two prospect buckets…  I found the bucket of the chun glaze, though.  I will test all at the next firing.

I added the gallery page today.

McDonald’s iced tea and Facebook

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