We had very good weather and crowd at the Cornhill Art Festival. Sales was down, as it seems the tend of this year.


Japanese election created the twisted politics, the major loss for the ruing party. They have tried to establish the two party system in Japan, but struggling to make it stick. I liked the old time, Liberal Democratic Party, having the several factions within the party as functioning and balancing the policy among themselves. Last several elections seems the swing to one side to the other by landslide by undecided voters. Enough politics.

More holes. This is my customers request at the Cornhill. Earring holders. I made some different style to see how it works.

Weather is unstable again.  Lots of downpours.  I am loading kiln today, but another weather watch for the firing date as the thunderstorm comes with wind…  Getting ready for the Syracuse Arts and Craft Festival.


2 Thoughts on “More holes”

  • Last show, we got the pocket of the nice weather weekend. It seems another gorgeous weather this weekend for Syracuse show. How is the UK’s weather?

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