A happy new year.   Our daughter was back in the town from Abu Dhabi.  She loves the collage there, and seems very comfortable living and studying.  She went back on the new year’s day. 22 hours, the same as traveling to Japan.

I am back in studio after a week off.  I applied most of shows for this summer.  I decided not to apply the Three River Art Festival this year.  I really like Pittsburgh, so I hope to find another shows in the future.

casseroles hodaka pottery

Lots of small pieces are out of stocks, and I am busy throwing on the wheel.  I will have the first firing early next week.  I signed up the show called “Thaw” in the Hungerford building, and have no idea what to do. It’s in March.  Rather thinking about it, I decided to make something, and inspire myself.  I still do not know what to do…..


New year

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