Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Yes, I cooked the turkey, and learn the lesson how to thaw 20lb turkey in one day. I have seen it on the movie using the bath tub. It was very close.  I used the sink and did work, and had no heath issues to report.  Just time consuming changing water every 30minutes. It was well worth it, though.

Open studio and sale is December 3rd (5pm-9pm)  and 4th (noon-4pm).  I have one more firing (I had one this week), and need a serious cleaning, and lots of signs.


See the white glaze?  I got this idea, a plain white piece with no design. Get the contract by the movement of the clay.  It produces nice contrast. The glaze looks good, warmer on the oxidation, but too cold (white) on the reduction. My firing is mostly reduction, and get a couple problem spots with the oxidation.  This glaze will not work as it is.

I broke my netbook’s LCD.  I have been carrying it around everyday almost three year and am writing this blog with it.  There are new generation of netbook as well as Ipad. I tried the Ipad the other day, but was not able to see how the Japanese typing, etc.  With $45, I ordered the LCD to fix it. Will see.P1070323

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