I have been using the Pacifica wheel, GT-400 for two years.  It is quiet, and can handle 20lb of clay with ease.  Right after the purchase, I temporary installed the Shimpo’s large splash pan to try out.  Temporary, I did not secure the splash pan and I was thinking just to try it out as I often removed the wheel head from the Shimpo to put on and off the splash pan for a larger platter.  However, the wheel head got stuck, and did not move since.  I tried everything, heat, three people, mallet, etc.  to remove it.  I unscrewed two screws securing the shaft a month ago, and forgot put them back.  Recently I noticed the head was dropped a little, and it is very hard to cut a bottom of a large platter with a wire.  It is now starting cause problem making pottery.

I bought the belt buckle and secured the bottom part of the wheel, and sprayed a large amount of the lubricant.  And, twisted the wheel head at a time and spaying for one hour!  It came out finally.  Something hard was caught between the shafts as you can see the lines inside the wheel head.  I measure the diameter; it is very tight fit with no play.  I will find some mechanical shop to mill down 1/10 of mm or so before reinserting the wheel head.  I need to find some other way to collect the trimming.  The original splash pan came with the Pacific is not just big enough to collect trimming. I hate them flying all over the floor as well.



Pacifica wheel
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