I got the plate setters, to save some space in the kiln. I hate to use them in the front row of the kiln, where does not get good pull at some stage of firing and choke up the kiln.  So it leaves me to middle or back of the kiln.  It does save the space great, but it is very hard to set up on my front loading kiln.

It has been a hectik.  My studio has been just hot, above 90°F almost all the time.   I need to get an air conditioner. I don’t like the air conditioner, but…. I might have no choice.

Half of show done. This is very dry summer, and somehow it managed to rain last two shows, at least each of one day of two.  Sales are good, but the impulse buying of small items are not happening.  Is this reflection of the economy?  I start seeing this last year.




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