I drove to Syracuse, NY yesterday, and stuck in traffic jam for one hour, probably usual for the metropolitan city.  I heard on the radio there was truck turn over, but I was at the end of the cleaning up.  I always think people proceed to the point of merge (where actual arrow sign to merge) and merge alternatively from one lane to the other, rather merging into the lane when warning sign “one lane closed ahead” ten miles ahead of time. This just creates more traffic jam from the point of people merging.  If the people go to the end of the merge and merge alternatively, the traffic continues to move slowly.  When the car stops,  reaction times to stop the car hereafter add up to the point creating another traffic jam. I wish the sign says that “the lane closed, and proceed to the merge”. Two car ahead of me  just keep a pace with the car on his/her next lane even there was no traffic in front of him or her for more than 1500 feet.  Maybe guilt, I do not know, but just made any sense.  Anyway, enough that. This web site explained this better than me if you are interested.  I saw the perfect rainbow while idling.

rainbow hodaka pottery
I had a good time talking with Tina at the Eureka Craft.  She just came back from  the workshop by Ellen Shankin (my favorite potter) in Italy.  I wish I went.  I am sort of a hitting wall, and want to come out of the routine production.  I need a bit different shape, or something new.  I have stayed away from the Ceramic Monthly for a long time now, afraid of too much influence by other potters’ work.  Talk with Tina made me think it is about to time to expose to workshops and other potters’ technique, maybe.  She mentioned me about the 16 hands.  There is one in November. I am very tempted….

Kiln is loaded, but wait until Monday.  Too windy…

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