Winter is back.  Arrived here late.  I certainly enjoyed the warm weather.


Many people came out for the studio opening, and I enjoy showing my work space.  I wish to have a little more space so I can display my pottery year around. This was the set-up over the weekend.

Decal hodaka pottery

The decal in the glaze kiln to cone 10 held in the position it applied. So, it works to brush on the wax resist over the raw glaze, and apply the decal if you are in rush.  However, it was faded very much in the cone 10 firing. (left cone 04, right cone 10)  So, it does not work well in cone 10.

I finally slowed down last couple days, and picking up the studio to the working condition. I start making 2010 pottery now on.  I want to make a couple of large vases to start with.

Slowing down

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