Already 28th.  Time flies.  I have been busy packing and mailing Etsy sales until 23rd.  It was very good December. Open house and the show at the public market were success, and I had lots of fun.  Yesterday, it became the snowiest December in Rochester  over 100 years.  Last record was 2008.  Enough  shoveling, though.

Soy bottle hodaka pottery

Made some  soy bottles.  This is wheel thrown, and altered.  It is a comforting shape, and gives another dimension.  It is a time consuming to make, but I really like the shape.  This is not my design.   I saw a similar piece at the Eureka Crafts, Tina gave me some hints on this shape.   We all make some copies, and learn from the process. This process has lots to explore.  The wheel thrown shape somehow decide the final shape.  Interesting.

Snowiest December

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