Summer festival season is over for me, and I am now gearing up for my wholesale and consignment store before a holiday season.

We are looking at houses now, and talked with the zoning office and the fire marshal.  I had home studio for sixteen years before moving to the current studio.  I prefer to have the studio at home.  It is easier to control a timing of trimming and will have a shelter (another room) during the firing.  I will lose an interaction with another potters and artists in the building.  But, I will take the convenience and less studio cost.  I have moved my kiln three times, and may need to replace the bricks after another move. So, I may stick around another year at the current location.

Summer is over.

One thought on “Summer is over.

  • September 24, 2010 at 5:28 am

    Your pieces are looking great at the moment, I miss the interaction of other artists too since leaving university but the internet makes up for that in some small way!

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