The first of three days at the Syracuse Art and Craft Festival today. Weather was typical of this summer, downpour and sun, actually the shower clouds are circulating around the upstate New York, looks like the hurricane, but very slow moving. I don’t remember seeing this weather pattern in the summer. Like a tag of war between the unusual strong cold air from the north and the warm moist air from the south. Overall, we had good turnouts and business.

The Syracuse Art Festival is this weekend from Friday through Sunday.

I had the overnight glaze firing, first time in three years this week. I used to do the overnight firing when I had the home studio, a bed, a kitchen near by, you know. Since I moved in to this studio, I thought not comfortable to stay overnight. It turned out, it was much cooler, quieter, and had ok firing. My thought was to give longer candle stage, 3-4 hours instead of one hour, to heat the chimney to get better pull. It turned out the temperature rose quicker than I wanted after turning the burners on. So, I will go back to one hour candle, but maybe more overnight firing.


Syracuse Art and Craft Festival

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