Loaded the kiln, and realized I needed more small mugs than large mugs.  I need to rearrange the kiln before firing on Tuesday.   I had two weeks between my last show and the Clothesline festival, and did not have enough time to make enough pottery to fire twice, so I decided to relax.  I had lots of naps this week.  I needed them, and feel very refreshed now.  After the Clothesline, I will start making pieces for the holidays, and load up my etsy store.  I updated my one of kind teapot page with slide show, enjoy!

I received the news from Carleen, the Creator’s Hands, one of my consignment store, who decided to close the door at the end of  October. This is the first store who carried my work almost 20 years ago.  I knocked the door without any appointment, and asked carry my pottery.  They accepted even though I had very few potting experience before. I enjoyed the very good relationship with the store.  I knew she wanted to retire recent years, and am very happy for her to retire, but will miss the store greatly.


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