I finished all art and craft festivals for this year.  I was just exhausted, and took very slow days this week.  I did slept 12 hours today. There are few good art and craft festivals around this area.  Now, I will restock several consignment and wholesale stores, and the etsy store.


The Creator’s Hands is located at Brown’s Race. This is one of few consignment store for me. The creator’s hand was the first store who took my piece more than 15 years ago.  I  just dropped in the Arnet Bluebird store with the pottery, and they were very generous enough to carry my very early work. Since then, the store has been very good to me.


Gennese river run through the heart of the rochester. There is the high fall, Genessee beer on one side and Kodak on the other side. RGE generates electricity over the falls.Many people are enjoying the nice fall day.


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