Making two sectional long neck vase and pitcher. I threw the bottom part last week, and dried very slowly over the weekend. The bottom part is about 15″ high. I threw a chuck, and dried quickly with the heat gun, and trimmed the bottom. Then I threw a cylinder, about 10″ high. I placed th trimmed bottom part on the Griffin Grip and placed the cylinder on it, and threw it. I usually place a paper towel inside the pot to collect the throwing water, to be safe side as the bottom part is already trimmed (some part maybe is thin). They are about 24″ high now. It will shrink to 21″ or so after the glaze firing.

Two sectional vase - bottomTwo sectional vase - bottom on the chuckTwo sectional vase - bottom trimmedTwo sectional vase - thrown cylinderTwo sections attachedTwo sectional pitcherTwo sectional vase

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