I  spent last weekend reading through the blogs and watching the videos of demonstration. I was amazed amounts of information out there, like attending the several workshops at once.  It was lots to absorb.  I picked up one great idea from Tony Clennell’s blog , a thin bat with a hole in middle, to cover the large platter, preventing the edge from lifting up while drying up the middle.  I am having this problem, and only solution has been to leave it under the plastic for 3-4 days before trimming, but I do not have luxury to have couple of these sitting around in my tiny studio.  I went Home Depot and got 1/4″MDF board, and made one bats.  I threw a platter today, and use the bat tomorrow.  I noticed several potters have converted from cone 10 to cone 6.  This makes me to think…. If I can convert, I can bring the studio back to home, something to think about it.  To test the glaze, I need a small test kiln.  I saw it on the craiglist, but was not quick to respond.

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