We had very good weekend at the Elmwood Avenue Festival in Buffalo, NY.  Good crowds, and weather.  I got nervous when a festival staff informed us on Saturday of possible gust of 40MPH due to the Hurricane Irene on Sunday, but we got very lucky.  We were at just out side edge of the Hurricane, and got occational gusts, but not as strong as 30MPH.  I was planning to take pictures of the setting up, here is the tearing down instead. It took us a little over a hour .  Next-up, the Clothesline art festival in Rochester, NY two blocks from my studio.

I added a new page for the one of kind teapots I have been making this year. I need to see pictures at once, and will figure out a better format for these pictures in coming days. Lots of them found good home.

Elmwood Art Festival

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