We hit close to 80F today. Nice lazy day.  I was pleasantly surprised the number of people went through my studio last night at the first Friday.  The set-up was not inviting to people so they hesitated to come in (I was hidden at the corner of the room) until I started trimming pots. I need to think about this for next month.

I finally fired all one-of-kind teapots I made.  I did not lose any pieces in this firing!!!

Teapot 24 fired

2 Thoughts on “Nice sunny day”

  • I’ve never done an open studio before, having people in the studio makes me nervous a little – I sometimes wonder what people think there isn’t much to my studio to be honest!

    Congrats on the firing!

  • It is fun to see how people react my tiny studio. Working studio is most common reaction, that probably most accurate. You should try it!

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