Here is teapot 26 and 27.  I played with the bottom while still wet.

Teapot 26
Teapot 27

I am working on the whole food diet thing, sort of.  We still eat meat, but the half of used to and added chickpeas or other peas in vegetable mix.  I go to the public market once a week to get vegetables and fruits.  It costs one third to quarter compared to the grocery store.  I leaned to cook the peas quickly with the pressure cooker and find some good recipes using pears. I eat more genmai rice (brown rice). I feel more energy during day.

I had another successful firing last week  (third firing in three weeks),  and am getting close to fill the wholesale orders and consignment stores.  Still need a couple more firing to get ready for the holiday rush.


Teapot 26 & 27

One thought on “Teapot 26 & 27

  • October 26, 2011 at 10:52 am

    I love the handles on your teapots they just have a really fluid look to them. Beautiful!

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