The lid for teapot 3 does not fit well, I measured twice.  I think this is due to the  fast-drying (using heat-gun).   I had hard time making the replacement lid for teapot last year.  It was way off, two large.  My thought then, was that if  the lid  is left overnight to dry (under the plastic), it dries  upward, meaning the nine o’ clock toward twelve.  When I dried these lids with heat guns to speed up the process, these shape stayed the same (flat).  I don’t know my studio is always hot and dry,  that may be the factor. Am I making any sense ??

Here is teapot 6. I wanted the body to be more projected  compared to teapot 3.  It looks a lot better than this picture, I thought.  A handle needs some more tweaking.

teapot 6 hodaka pottery

The color of new batch of clay is very different from the last batch.  Much dark-gray…  I need to make some tiles to compare the glaze color, now.

Teapot 5

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