chamois throwing hodaka potterychamois throwing hodaka pottery

I have been looking for the good nameshi for a while.  It is chamois, for smoothing and finishing the edge when throwing. I have seen some in art stores for drawing use, which is very thin.  It works, but tends to lose with the throwing slip water.
I bought the current one in Japan while back, 10-15 years ago, and it starts to tear. This is a deer skin, I believe.  I was in Pittsburgh last weekend visiting a ceramic supply store.  They did not carry the chamois, but directed me to Lowe’s, the home building supply store.  They sell as a drying cloth at the cleaning supply aisle.  This is thick and very similar to one I have.  Maybe a bit softer side, but does the job. One negative so far is the strange smell coming from the throwing bucket, like a seaweed found on the beach.  I hope this is just the treatment used for the skin, and goes away. Now, I have more than enough lifetime supply of chamois, suddenly, or more than ten time over…

chamois throwing tool hodaka pottery

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