We tend to give some table scrap to our 4lb yorkie. Last night, we gave a piece from a rack of lamb, about 2 inch. He usually play with it. But he swallowed it as we watched.  I thought it was too big to swallow. Then reality set in. My wife said to google.  So I did. Most searches came up, take to vet immediately,X-ray, surgery….. We panicked. I called my friend sculpture, who works at the vet.  She said there is nothing we can do expect to wait for 24 to 48 hours, and check the stool. She also suggested to give him a large portion of meal, 1/3 chicken and 2/3 cooked rice to coat (wrap) the bone inside the intestine.  Try to vomit to retrieve is not good idea. If he has problem going to bath room, then, we need to bring in to the vet.  We calmed down a bit, but feeling so bad to feed the table scrap. Not mention the medical bill in the future.

In our surprise, we found the bone in his bathroom this morning.  He somehow vomited it last night when he ate dry food. He is fine, running around today.  I will never give him anymore bones. I learned my lesson.

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